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My man and I have relationship. It is unspoken, unlabeled, rather. In fact I had no name for it until stumbling across this website!

Early in our relationship, I would instigate reactions out of him on a regular basis out of sport for myself. One day he put his foot down and made it very clear he did not like my sport at all, even though I had meant it in friendly jest. I pouted for a while, but I stopped abruptly and no longer play like that. To do so would be crossing a line he has drawn for my behavior with him. It is much better in the long run for me to set aside my antics to please him because I value and respect him. I love who I am when in his company. I learned that day that testing him is not necessary. He learned that day that I take our relationship seriously.

To be clear, I must say that while he is definitely the caliber of man to do so, he has never spanked me in punishment. That said, I am fully in his hand! His eye and his tone set me straight in a way no other man might ever hope to strive for with me. I never want to weaken or lose that quality for either of us. I am quite afraid to transgress so much that he feels an earnest spanking is necessary. Knowing he will should he need to is enough for me at this point. In fact this is very the core of why I loved him from the beginning.

I do not need a babysitter. I am not a little girl. I am a woman. His woman. And I carry myself publicly in such a way as to bring him honor. Because the love he gives me is my honor, and my pleasure.


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